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Family of Edward HEARD and Charlotte AMICK

Husband: Edward HEARD (1778-1858)
Wife: Charlotte AMICK (1783-1848)
Children: John A HEARD (1803-1815)
Ann HEARD (1804- )
Emily HEARD (1805-1849)
Frederick Augustus HEARD (1809-1883)
Louisa HEARD (1810-1846)
Augusta S W HEARD (1812-1897)
Georgina HEARD (1814-1845)
Edward HEARD (1817-1818)
Thomas HEARD (1818- )
Francis HEARD (1820-1883)
Susan HEARD (1822-1825)
Marriage 20 Jun 1800 Teddington, Middlesex1

Husband: Edward HEARD

Name: Edward HEARD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1778 East Indies
Occupation Chemist
Residence 15 Sep 1848 (age 69-70) Walworth, Surrey2
Arnold's Paragon, Walworth, Surrey
Occupation 15 Sep 1848 (age 69-70) Chemist; Walworth, Surrey2
Census 30 Mar 1851 (age 73) Walworth, Surrey3
7 Ann Street, Walworth, Surrey
Occupation 30 Mar 1851 (age 72-73) Practical Chemist out of employment; Walworth, Surrey3
Death 1858 (age 79-80) Lambeth, Surrey

Wife: Charlotte AMICK

Name: Charlotte AMICK1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 17831
Death Q1 1848 (age 64-65) Lambeth, Surrey1,4

Child 1: John A HEARD

Name: John A HEARD1
Sex: Male
Birth 18031
Death 1815 (age 11-12)1

Child 2: Ann HEARD

Name: Ann HEARD1
Sex: Female
Birth 18041

Child 3: Emily HEARD

Name: Emily HEARD1
Sex: Female
Birth 18051
Death 1849 (age 43-44)1

Child 4: Frederick Augustus HEARD

Name: Frederick Augustus HEARD1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Amelia Hollis EMMETT (1810- )
Birth 18091
Death 1883 (age 73-74)1

Child 5: Louisa HEARD

Name: Louisa HEARD1
Sex: Female
Birth 18101
Death 1846 (age 35-36)1

Child 6: Augusta S W HEARD

Name: Augusta S W HEARD1
Sex: Female
Birth 18121
Death 1897 (age 84-85)1

Child 7: Georgina HEARD

Name: Georgina HEARD1
Sex: Female
Birth 18141
Death 1845 (age 30-31)1

Child 8: Edward HEARD

Name: Edward HEARD1
Sex: Male
Birth 18171
Death 1818 (age 0-1)1

Child 9: Thomas HEARD

Name: Thomas HEARD1
Sex: Male
Birth 18181

Child 10: Francis HEARD

Name: Francis HEARD1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Anne WATERMAN (1824- )
Birth 1820 Brighton, Sussex1
Death 1883 (age 62-63)1

Child 11: Susan HEARD

Name: Susan HEARD1
Sex: Female
Birth 18221
Death 1825 (age 2-3)1

Note on Husband: Edward HEARD

Edward Heard was a Chemist. In the early 1800's he used to lecture for Frederick Albert Windsor a German National whose english was not so good. Frederick was giving a lecture at the Lyceum Theatre on gas lighting. Sadly there was lots of fumes being ommitted and people became ill. Edward worked out that it was sulphor which was causing this and set about trying to work out how to get rid of it. He solved the problem and Frederick promptly sacked him. Edward and his ever growing family moved to Bristol, luckily he had one of Fredericks lectures with him. It would appear that Bristol was not ready for gas lighting yet and Edward moved to Brighton. Here he built a factory to produce candles. This business failed and he returned to London. He had many patents for the improvement of gas lighting and candle making, but these were stolen by bigger companies and at that time there was nothing that could be done, patents were not protected. He did at one time try to go to parliment about it but could not afford the £100,000 needed. A lot of his children died early some as infants, and with the girls as young mothers, wonder if his experiments had anything to do with this. Edward married a young woman another Charlotte in 1849 after having three children with her, before his first wife died in 1848, the three children were born 1844/46/48. Edward and his family were living in poverty around 1858 and was given £50 from the Kings Bounty to provide for his wife and children, Edward was extremely ill at this time. He died three weeks later. Prices Candles also made a donation, quite right so as I think they stole one of his patents for extending the life of a candle. Edward Heard Chemist can be googled.

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1"Sandra Jarrett".
This research has been done by Sandra Jarrett, and has yet to be checked and sources cited by me.
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Text From Source: Baptisms at St Peter's Church, Walworth, Surrey
When baptized: 15 Sep 1848
Child's Christian Name: James Bickford
Parents' Christian Names: Edward and Charlotte
Parents' Surname: HEARD
Abode: Arnold's Paragon, Walworth, Surrey, Walworth, Surrey
Quality, Trade or Profession: Chemist
By whom the ceremony was performed: James O'Reilly, Curate
Born: 19 Feb 1848
Arnold's Paragon was behind the middle of the W. side of Arnold's Place, Walworth.

Source: Baptism Walworth, Surrey 15 Sep 1848 James Bickford HEARD aka Lottwhich Harrington HEARD, Baptism Walworth, Surrey 15 Sep 1848 James Bickford HEARD aka Lottwhich Harrington HEARD

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Edward HEARD,Head,Mar,M,73,Practical Chemist out of employment,East Indies - British Subject,
Charlotte CONDE,Wife,Unm,F,30,,London,
Clara HEARD,Daughter,Unm,F,7,At home,London,
George HEARD,Son,Unm,M,5,At home,London,
James Bickford HEARD aka Lottwhich Harrington HEARD,Son,Unm,M,3,At home,London,
Albert Edward HEARD,Son,Unm,M,10m,,London,

Source: Census 1851 Walworth, Surrey HO107/1567/620/14, Census UK 1851 HO107/1567/620/14

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Heard Charlotte Lambeth 4 280
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