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Family of Francis HEARD and Anne WATERMAN

Husband: Francis HEARD (1820-1883)
Wife: Anne WATERMAN (1824- )
Children: Claudius HEARD (1852-1901)

Husband: Francis HEARD

Name: Francis HEARD1
Sex: Male
Father: Edward HEARD (1778-1858)
Mother: Charlotte AMICK (1783-1848)
Birth 1820 Brighton, Sussex1
Death 1883 (age 62-63)1


Name: Anne WATERMAN1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 18241

Child 1: Claudius HEARD

Name: Claudius HEARD1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Caroline Amelia MACK (1852-1937)
Birth 1852 Deptford, Kent1
Death 1901 (age 48-49) Lambeth, Surrey1


1"Sandra Jarrett".
This research has been done by Sandra Jarrett, and has yet to be checked and sources cited by me.