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Family of James Edward HEARD and Agnes SMITH

Husband: James Edward HEARD (1904-1962)
Wife: Agnes SMITH (1902-1979)
Marriage 14 Aug 1926 Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada1

Husband: James Edward HEARD

Name: James Edward HEARD1
Sex: Male
Father: Edward Nevill HEARD (1880-1972)
Mother: Anne SHANKIE (1876-1936)
Birth 15 Jul 1904 Symington, Ayr, Scotland1
Death 27 Sep 1962 (age 58) Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada1

Wife: Agnes SMITH

Name: Agnes SMITH1
Sex: Female
Father: James SMITH ( - )
Mother: [unnamed person] ( - )
Birth 1902 Shetland Isles, Scotland1
Death 1979 (age 76-77) Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada1


1"Sandra Jarrett".
This research has been done by Sandra Jarrett, and has yet to be checked and sources cited by me.