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Family of Phillip HILKENE and Kathleen WILSON

Husband: Phillip HILKENE (1922-2003)
Wife: Kathleen WILSON (1924-2004)
Marriage Q1 1949 Bermondsey, Surrey

Husband: Phillip HILKENE

Name: Phillip HILKENE1
Sex: Male
Father: Philipp Charles Louis HILKENE (bef1887-1926)
Mother: Lilian Violet SYMES (1896-1976)
Birth 12 Jan 1922 Camberwell, Surrey
Death Aug 2003 (age 81) Lambeth, Surrey

Wife: Kathleen WILSON

Name: Kathleen WILSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 26 Dec 1924
Death Aug 2004 (age 79) Southwark, Surrey


1"Sandra Jarrett".
This research has been done by Sandra Jarrett, and has yet to be checked and sources cited by me.