Family of Sidman TAYLOR and Susan ?

Husband: Sidman TAYLOR ( - )
Wife: Susan ? ( - )
Children: John TAYLOR (1825?- )

Husband: Sidman TAYLOR

Name: Sidman TAYLOR1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Susan ?

Name: Susan ?2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: John TAYLOR

Name: John TAYLOR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Caroline WOODS (1827?-1885)
Birth 1825 (cal) Yatton, Somerset3
Census 30 Mar 1851 (age 26) Chilton Cantelo, Somerset3
Lower Chilton, Chilton Cantelo, Somerset
Occupation 30 Mar 1851 (age 25-26) Ag Lab; Chilton Cantelo, Somerset3
Emigration 30 Nov 1855 (age 29-30) to New South Wales, Australia
Arrived on the ship "Ramillies"


1"Denise Comerford" (Email to Graham Hoadly).
Text From Source: Hi Graham,

I have just been checking information. John Taylor & Caroline Woods Taylor with their son William, arrived here in N.S.W. Australia on the ship “Ramillies” on the 30 Nov 1855. Record states Caroline’s parents as Thomas & Elizabeth Woods. John’s parents as Sidman & Susan Taylor.



Denise Comerford
Assessment: Questionable.
Graham Hoadly.
3"Census 1851 (George Woods) Chilton Cantelo, Somerset HO107/1930/571/6".
Text From Source: John Taylor Head 26 Ag Lab Somerset Yatton
Caroline Taylor Wife 24 Glover Somerset Chilton Cantelo
Ann Woods Sister in Law 12 Glover Somerset Mudford
George Woods Brother in Law 11 Ag Lab Somerset Mudford
Arthur Woods Brother in Law 10 Scholar Somerset Mudford
Assessment: Primary evidence.

Source: Census 1851 (George Woods) Chilton Cantelo, Somerset HO107/1930/571/6, George Woods 51