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Family of Harold SPENCER and Anne Jane HODGKINSON

Husband: Harold SPENCER (1873?- )
Wife: Anne Jane HODGKINSON (1876- )
Marriage Q3 1900 Salford, Lancashire1

Husband: Harold SPENCER

Name: Harold SPENCER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1873 (cal) Northenden, Cheshire

Wife: Anne Jane HODGKINSON

Name: Anne Jane HODGKINSON
Sex: Female
Father: Joshua HODGKINSON (1851-1914)
Mother: Fanny DEAKIN (bef1847-1930)
Birth Q2 1876 Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham2
Census 3 Apr 1881 (age 5) Salford, Lancashire3
35 King William Street
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 15) Salford, Lancashire4
97 West Craven Street


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Hodgkinson Annie Jane Salford 8d 33
Spencer Harold Salford 8d 33

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HODGKINSON Anne Jane Newcastle T. 10b 92
3"Census 1881 (Joshua Hodgkinson) Salford, Lancashire RG11/3976/100/22".
Text From Source: Census 1881 Salford, Lancashire RG11/3976/100/22
35 King William Street

Joshua Hodgkinson 29 Cabinet Maker Wolverhampton Stafford
Fanny Hodgkinson 34 Wolverhampton Stafford
Elizabeth Hodgkinson 12 Wolverhampton Stafford
George A. Hodgkinson 8 Newcastle Sunderland Durham
Annie Hodgkinson 5 Newcastle Sunderland Durham
James E. Hodgkinson 3 Gorton Lancashire
Thomas Hodgkinson 3m Hulme Lancashire
Elizabeth Deakin 56 Oakthorpe Derby
Assessment: Secondary evidence.

Source: Census 1881 (Joshua Hodgkinson) Salford, Lancashire RG11/3976/100/22, Joshua Hodgkinson 81 (2)

4"Census 1891 (Joshua Hodgkinson) Salford, Lancashire RG12/3225/104/6".
Text From Source: Census 1891 Salford, Lancashire RG12/3225/104/6
97 West Craven Street

Joshua Hodgkinson 39 Staffs. Wolverhampton
Fanny Hodgkinson 44 Staffs. Wolverhampton
George A. Hodgkinson 18 Northumberland Newcastle
Anne J. Hodgkinson 15 Northumberland Newcastle
James E. Hodgkinson 13 Lancs. Manchester
Thomas Hodgkinson 10 Lancs. Manchester
Ellen Hodgkinson 7 Lancs. Salford
Joseph Hodgkinson 5 Lancs. Salford
Agnes E. Hodgkinson 3 Lancs. Salford
Assessment: Secondary evidence.

Source: Census 1891 (Joshua Hodgkinson) Salford, Lancashire RG12/3225/104/6, Joshua Hodgkinson 81