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Family of George HEARD and Maria WALSH

Husband: George HEARD (1846-1926)
Wife: Maria WALSH ( -1871)
Children: Sarah HEARD (1868- )
Albert Edward HEARD (bef1870- )

Husband: George HEARD


George HEARD, c. 1889, age 43


George HEARD, c. 1889, age 43

Name: George HEARD
Sex: Male
Father: Edward HEARD (1778-1858)
Mother: Charlotte CONDE (1821-1906)
Birth 1846 Lambeth, Surrey1
Census 30 Mar 1851 (age 5) Walworth, Surrey2
7 Ann Street, Walworth, Surrey
Occupation 30 Mar 1851 (age 4-5) At home; Walworth, Surrey2
Census 7 Apr 1861 (age 13) Kennington, London3
1, Little Clayton Street, Kennington, London
Occupation 7 Apr 1861 (age 14-15) Painter's Boy; Kennington, London3
Death 1926 (age 79-80) Maidenhead, Berkshire1

Wife: Maria WALSH

Name: Maria WALSH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1871

Child 1: Sarah HEARD

Name: Sarah HEARD
Sex: Female
Birth 1 Jun 1868 Lambeth, Surrey
6 Salamanca Street, Lambeth, Surrey

Child 2: Albert Edward HEARD

Name: Albert Edward HEARD
Sex: Male
Birth bef 6 Apr 1870 Lambeth, Surrey
3 Salamanca Street, Lambeth, Surrey


1"Sandra Jarrett".
This research has been done by Sandra Jarrett, and has yet to be checked and sources cited by me.
2"Census 1851 Walworth, Surrey HO107/1567/620/14" (HO107/1567/620/14).
Text From Source: Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Where Born,Infirmity
Edward HEARD,Head,Mar,M,73,Practical Chemist out of employment,East Indies - British Subject,
Charlotte CONDE,Wife,Unm,F,30,,London,
Clara HEARD,Daughter,Unm,F,7,At home,London,
George HEARD,Son,Unm,M,5,At home,London,
James Bickford HEARD aka Lottwhich Harrington HEARD,Son,Unm,M,3,At home,London,
Albert Edward HEARD,Son,Unm,M,10m,,London,

Source: Census 1851 Walworth, Surrey HO107/1567/620/14, Census UK 1851 HO107/1567/620/14

3"Census 1861 Kennington, London RG9/356/15/35" (RG9/356/15/35).
Text From Source: Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Where Born,Infirmity
Charlotte HEARD,Head,Wid,F,39,Supported by daughter,Lambeth, Surrey,
Clara HEARD,Daughter,Unm,F,16,Governess,Lambeth, Surrey,
George HEARD,Son,Unm,M,13,Painter's Boy,Lambeth, Surrey,
James HEARD aka Lottwhich Harrington HEARD,Son,Unm,M,13,Scholar,Lambeth, Surrey,

Source: Census 1861 Kennington, London RG9/356/15/35, Census UK 1861 RG9/356/15/35