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Family of Joshua Carby RADWAY and Alexandra SIMPSON

Husband: Joshua Carby RADWAY ( -1923)
Wife: Alexandra SIMPSON ( -1898)
Children: Percy RADWAY ( -1902)
Joshua RADWAY ( -1917)

Husband: Joshua Carby RADWAY

Name: Joshua Carby RADWAY1
Sex: Male
Father: Joshua Carby RADWAY (1836-1892)
Mother: Katherine HEARD (1838-1905)
Death 1923 Hawaii

Wife: Alexandra SIMPSON

Name: Alexandra SIMPSON1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death Jun 1898 Perth, Western Australia

Child 1: Percy RADWAY

Name: Percy RADWAY1
Sex: Male
Death 1902 Perth, Western Australia

Child 2: Joshua RADWAY

Name: Joshua RADWAY1
Sex: Male
Death 1917 Somme

Note on Husband: Joshua Carby RADWAY (1)

Note on Husband: Joshua Carby RADWAY (2)

The other Radway son Joshua Carby, has a very sad story and I am awaiting letters for him. He committed suicide in 1923 Hawaii, after a troubled life. He married Alexandra Simpson under the name Charles! They sailed off to Australia in January 1898 with two children Percy and Joshua. By June 1898 Alexandra had died in childbirth, I say this because there is a death for her and female Radway on the same day in Perth WA, on family search. The boys were placed in the Clontarf Boys Orphanage in Perth. Percy died in 1902 in Perth. Joshua was farmed out 250miles away from his Father in a place called Bowelling Pool, Collie, WA, and fostered by a Mr & Mrs Raftis. Joshua joined up in 1915 and of course he was killed in 1917 at the Somme. He gave his foster Mother as next of kin and she fought for 4 years for his medals and effects. I have tried to trace any descendants for them without luck.2


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Text From Source: George Maxwell b 1892 was Agnes Ellish's grandfather
2"Sandra Jarrett".
This research has been done by Sandra Jarrett, and has yet to be checked and sources cited by me.