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Family of Charles William SHUTTLEWORTH and Sarah Ann SATTERTHWAITE

Husband: Charles William SHUTTLEWORTH (1860- )
Wife: Sarah Ann SATTERTHWAITE (1862-1886)
Marriage 22 Feb 1885 Birmingham, Warwickshire

Husband: Charles William SHUTTLEWORTH

Name: Charles William SHUTTLEWORTH1,2
Sex: Male
Father: William SHUTTLEWORTH (bef1823-1880)
Mother: Ann SMITH (bef1827-1882)
Birth Q1 1860 Coleshill, Warwickshire1,3
Christening 8 Apr 1860 (age 0) Coleshill, Warwickshire2,4
Census 7 Apr 1861 (age 1) Birmingham, Warwickshire5
Back 428, 4 New John Street West, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Census 2 Apr 1871 (age 11) Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire6
27 Aston Road (Public House), Aston, Duddeston Cum Nechells, Birmingham
Census 3 Apr 1881 (age 21) Yardley Worcestershire7
Lea Hall Road Yardley Worcestershire
Occupation 3 Apr 1881 (age 21) Farmer's son; Yardley Worcestershire7
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 31) Yardley Worcestershire8
Lea Village, Lea, Yardley Worcestershire
Occupation 5 Apr 1891 (age 31) Castrator; Yardley Worcestershire8


Sex: Female
Father: John SATTERTHWAITE ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1862 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Death Q4 1886 (age 23-24) Solihull, Warwickshire


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SHUTTLEWORTH Charles William Meriden 6d 331
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Assessment: Questionable.
5"Census 1861 (Ann Shuttleworth) Birmingham, Warwickshire RG9/2161/11/16".
Text From Source: Arthur Smith Head 32 Warwickshire Coleshill
Ann Smith Wife 21 Derbyshire Willington
William Shuttleworth Brother in Law 38 Warwickshire [Hixlock??]
Ann Shuttleworth Sister 32 Warwickshire Coleshill
Charles W. Shuttleworth Nephew 1 Warwickshire Coleshill
Assessment: Primary evidence.
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Anne Shuttleworth Wife 45 Coleshill Warwickshire
Sarah J Shuttleworth Daur 15 Dressmaker Coleshill Warwickshire
Charles W Shuttleworth Son 11 Coleshill Warwickshire
Elizth Shuttleworth Daur 6 Coleshill Warwickshire
Mary A Shuttleworth Daur 3 Coleshill Warwickshire
Charles Smith Bro in Law25 Blacksmith Coleshill Warwickshire
Henry Bynes Lodger 18 Labourer Stroud Gloucestershire
Assessment: Primary evidence.

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William C Shuttleworth Son Unm 21 Coleshill Warks
Mark H Shuttleworth Son Unm 19 Birmingham Warks
Margaret E Shuttleworth Daur Unm 17 Birmingham Warks
Mary A Shuttleworth Daur Unm 15 Coleshill Warks
Assessment: Primary evidence.

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8"Census 1891 (William Charles Shuttleworth) Yardley Worcestershire RG12/2462/29/38".
Text From Source: William Shuttleworth Head 31 Castrator Coleshill Warwickshire
Ann Shuttleworth Wife 30 Solihull Warwickshire
William Shuttleworth Son 1 Yardley Worcestershire
Assessment: Primary evidence.

Source: Census 1891 (William Charles Shuttleworth) Yardley Worcestershire RG12/2462/29/38, Mark and William Shuttleworth 91

9Ann Ball, "Information to Graham Hoadly from Ann Ball, Archivist at Shoreham Church, Kent" (email).
Text From Source: I am the archivist at Shoreham Church and we are researchng the origins of "Waterfall Cottage" as we have been told that it was named for your Waterfall family and not after the Leat river that runs alongside it/ Do you have any further information on Waterfall Farm?

I have found grave inscriptions that relate to your family tree

Sacred to the memory of Mary Broomfield, wife of George Broomfield of this parish who departed this life November 18 1846 aged 90. This is Mary Waterfall. Grave reference is N15 if you want to come and see it.

nearby are buried George Broomfield died 19 April 1827 aged 78

William Wood Broomfield /son of Charles and Charity died August 8 1841 aged 29


Sacred to the memory of Mary Ann,daughter of William and Amelia Mills and grandaughter of Solomon and Mary Mills of this parish/ who departed thislife July 7 1842 aged 5/ also of Mrs Amelia wife of Williams Mills who departed thislife February 21 1846 aged 45 years/ and the above William Mills diedJanuary 11 1869 aged 72 years/ William Waterfall Mills fell asleep January 3 1918 aged 86 .

The headstone you could not read for Elizabeth Russell (nee Waterfall) reads

Sacred to the memory of Mrs Elizabeth Russell, wife of Mr Benjamin Rusell of the Hater House in this parish, died 25 March 1818 aged 60 years, also in memory of Mr Benjamin Rusel of thisparish who died March 29 1833 aged 74 years. (grave reference V3)
Assessment: Questionable.
Graham Hoadly.