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Family of Marion Elaine HOADLY

Husband: (unknown)
Wife: Marion Elaine HOADLY (1949- )

Wife: Marion Elaine HOADLY


Marion Elaine HOADLY


Marion Elaine HOADLY, 1956, age 6


Marion Elaine HOADLY, 1956, age 6

Name: Marion Elaine HOADLY
Sex: Female
Father: Robert Charles HOADLY (1922- )
Mother: Gwyneth ROBERTS (1924-1989)
Birth 22 Dec 1949 34 The Avenue, Hornchurch, Essex1
Christening St David's Presbyterian Church, Belmont, Shrewsbury, Salop
Occupation Secretary; Childrens' Care Worker; P.A.
Education Suttons Primary, Drury Falls Secondary Modern
Religion Presbyterian
Residence 1964 (age 14-15) Hornchurch, Essex2
34 The Avenue Hornchurch Essex

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Started work for Schleisser & Co in Greencoate House Victoria London SW1 for £5 per week.


1GRO, "Birth Certificate". Assessment: Primary evidence.
Text From Source: Registration District: Romford. 1949 BIRTH in the Sub-district of Hornchurch in the County of Essex
No: 78
When and where born: Twenty Second.December 1949. 34 The Avenue U.D.
Name if any: Marion Elaine
Sex: girl
Name and surname of father: Robert Charles Hoadly
Name, surname and maiden surname of mother: Gwyneth Hoadly formerly Roberts
Occupation of father: Baker and Confectioner
Signature, description and residence of informant: R.C. Hoadly, Father. 34, The Avenue, Hornchurch
When registered: Twenty Third December 1949
Signature of Registrar: Frank Luff Registrar

I Frank Luff t Registrar of Births and Deaths for the sub-District of Hornchurch, in the County of Essex do hereby certify that this is a true copy of the entry No. 78 in the Register Book of Births No. 29 for the said Sub-District, and that such Register Book is now legally in my custody.
Witness my hand this 23rd day of December, 1949
Graham Hoadly.
2"R.C. Hoadly 1964".

Source: R.C. Hoadly 1964, Robert Charles Hoadly 1964 ER