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Family of William Marcus CATHCART and Leonora Elsie DOWDESWELL

Husband: William Marcus CATHCART (1869?- )
Wife: Leonora Elsie DOWDESWELL (c. 1876- )
Children: Frederick Rolleston CATHCART (1898- )
Geoffrey Herbert CATHCART (1906-1991)
Ronald Marcus CATHCART (1913-1991)
Marriage Q3 1897 Wandsworth

Husband: William Marcus CATHCART

Name: William Marcus CATHCART
Sex: Male
Father: Rolleston William George CATHCART ( - )
Mother: Lucy KERRIDGE ( - )
Birth 1869 (cal) Kennington, London1
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 32) Streatham, London2
155 Bedford Hill, Streatham, London
Occupation 31 Mar 1901 (age 31-32) Private Secretary Accountant; Streatham, London2

Wife: Leonora Elsie DOWDESWELL

Name: Leonora Elsie DOWDESWELL
Sex: Female
Father: Benjamin Frederick DOWDESWELL (1844-1899)
Mother: Hannah Parker ? (c. 1844-bef1914)
Birth c. 1876 New Jersey, USA3
Census 3 Apr 1881 (age 4-5) Culverden Road, Sunnyside Road, Streatham, Surrey
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 15) Balham, London4
Sunny Side Culverdon Road
Occupation 5 Apr 1891 (age 14-15) Scholar; Balham, London4
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 25) Streatham, London2
155 Bedford Hill, Streatham, London

Child 1: Frederick Rolleston CATHCART

Name: Frederick Rolleston CATHCART
Sex: Male
Spouse: Marjorie WINTER ( - )
Birth 16 Oct 1898 Balham, London6
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 2) Streatham, London2
155 Bedford Hill, Streatham, London

Child 2: Geoffrey Herbert CATHCART

Name: Geoffrey Herbert CATHCART
Sex: Male
Birth 14 Aug 1906 Balham, London
Death Apr 1991 (age 84)

Child 3: Ronald Marcus CATHCART

Name: Ronald Marcus CATHCART
Sex: Male
Birth 1 May 1913
Death Nov 1991 (age 78)

Note on Husband: William Marcus CATHCART

William and Elsie as far as I know have three children. Frederick Rolleston Cathcart Born Oct 16 1898 and married Marjorie Winter Q4 1923 at Kingston, Surrey. Geoffrey Herbert Cathcart born 14 August 1906 in London, passed away April 1991 at Wandsworth, London. Ronald Marcus Cathcart born 1 May 1913, passed away Nov 1991.


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Frederick R Cathcart Son 2 Surrey Tooting
Louisa M Lamdown Serv 15 Wilts Swindon
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Cathcart William Marcus Wandsworth 1d 1239
Dowdeswell Lenora Elsie Wandsworth 1d 1239
Dowdeswell Leonora Elsie Wandsworth 1d 1239
Hewett Henry Wandsworth 1d 1239
Stocken Henry William Wandsworth 1d 1239
WEST Nina Charlotte Wandsworth 1d 1239
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CATHCART Frederick R Wandsworth 1d 773