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Family of David Laurence MAHOOD and Mabel Georgina PAYNE

Husband: David Laurence MAHOOD (1888- )
Wife: Mabel Georgina PAYNE (1892- )
Marriage 31 Oct 1915 Putney, London1
Saint Mary, Putney, London

Husband: David Laurence MAHOOD


David Laurence MAHOOD

Name: David Laurence MAHOOD2
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph Arthur MAHOOD ( - )
Mother: -
Birth Q4 1888 Wandsworth, London3
Occupation Nurseryman

Wife: Mabel Georgina PAYNE


Mabel Georgina PAYNE


Mabel Georgina PAYNE


Mabel Georgina PAYNE, c. 1911, age 19


Mabel Georgina PAYNE, 1922, age 30

Name: Mabel Georgina PAYNE
Sex: Female
Father: John Boon PAYNE (1855- )
Mother: Hannah TAPPIN (1857-c. 1943)
Birth Q4 1892 Peckham, London4
Camberwell Dec 1892 1d 859
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 8) 57 Lugard Road, Peckham, Camberwell, St Mark, Surrey4

Note on Wife: Mabel Georgina PAYNE

Mabel married a Laurie Mahood,who was a market gardener.


They owned a florist shop at the top of Putney high street and a large Nursery somewhere around Putney Hill. It was badly bombed in the war and I can remember being allowed to go out to pick tomatoes in the greenhouse left standing.


This is where I remember Granny Hannah most.


I think she must have lived out her life with Mabel.


Mabel died about 1984


Wyn and Mabel as far as I know were childless.5


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