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Family of Walter Robert DYER and Iris Lily OWEN

Husband: Walter Robert DYER (1900?-1939)
Wife: Iris Lily OWEN (1902-1990)
Marriage 4 Sep 1930 St. Oswald's Church, Oswestry, Shropshire1

Husband: Walter Robert DYER


Walter Robert DYER

Name: Walter Robert DYER2
Sex: Male
Father: Edwin Albert Robert DYER (1864-1909)
Mother: Julia (GOODALL) HAMBLEN (1871-1937)
Birth Nov 1900 (est) Hanworth, Middlesex3
Baptism 16 Dec 1900 (age 0) Hanworth, Middlesex3
Occupation Flour Salesman2
Residence 16 Dec 1900 (age 0) Hanworth, Middlesex3
Will 1939 (age 38-39)4
Walter Robert Dyer of
10 Gloucester Road, Wallasey, Cheshire
Died 5th October 1939
Administration: Liverpool 1st January 1940 to
Iris Lily Dyer, widow and
Edwin Alfred Dyer, Shipping Clerk

£2010 8s 3d
Death 5 Oct 1939 (age 38) Wallasey, Cheshire4
10 Gloucester Road, Wallasey, Cheshire
Probate 1 Jan 1940 Liverpool
Effects: £2,010 8s 3d

Wife: Iris Lily OWEN


Iris Lily OWEN


Iris Lily OWEN, c. 1909, age 7


Iris Lily OWEN, 1915, age 13

Name: Iris Lily OWEN
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph OWEN (bef1874-bef1912)
Mother: Agnes Ann DEAKIN (1875-1941)
Birth 23 May 1902 52 York Street, Oswestry, Shropshire2
Christening 11 Jun 1903 (age 1) St. Oswald's Church, Oswestry, Shropshire2
Occupation Clerk; Company Secretary
Census 2 Apr 1911 (age 7) Oswestry, Shropshire5
52 York St Oswestry, Shropshire
Death 10 Sep 1990 (age 88) Oswestry, Shropshire6,7
Cause: 1a) Cerebro vascular accident; 2) Dementia
Address: Trewern Hall, Hengoed, Oswestry

Note on Husband: Walter Robert DYER

Walter was a flour salesman for Paul Brothers in Birkenhead.

Died aged 39.

Una knew little or nothing of his family.8


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Walter Robert Dyer/29/Bach/Salesman/69 Prospect Vale, Wallasey/Edwin Albert Robert Dyer, deceased, Engineer

Iris Lily Owen/27/Spin/Clerk/The hazels, Morda, Oswestry/ Joseph Owen, deceased, Wine merchant's assistant

In presence of Edwin A. Dyer, Avis G. Newton
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Child's Christian Name: Walter Robert
Parents' Christian Names: Edwin Albert Robert and Julia
Parents' Surname: DYER
Abode: Hanworth, Middlesex
Quality, Trade or Profession: Licenced \victualler
By whom the ceremony was performed: J. L. Winslow

Source: Baptism Hanworth, Middlesex 16 Dec 1900 Walter Robert DYER, Baptism Hanworth, Middlesex 16 Dec 1900 Walter Robert DYER

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OWEN, Agnes Ann Wife Married9 years F 36 1875 Manchester Lancashire
OWEN, Iris Lily Daughter F 7 1904 Oswestry Shropshire
OWEN, Charles
Deakin Son M 5 1906 Oswestry Shropshire
OWEN, John EdgarCousin Single M 20 1891 Ruyton XI Towns Shropshire

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Death Registration Month/Year: Sep/90
Age: 88
Birth Date: 23 MAY 1902
District: Oswestry
Inferred County: Salop
Volume: 30
Page: 151
Internet. Call Number: (electronic).
7Death Certificate.
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Entry No. 246
Registration District: Oswestry
Sub-district: Oswestry and Ellesmere
Administrative area: County of Shropshire
Date and place of death: Tenth September 1990 Trewern Hall, Hengoed, Oswestry
Name and surname: Iris Lily Dyer
Sex: Female
Maiden surname of woman who has married: Owen
Date and place of birth: 23rd May 1902 Oswestry, Shropshire
Occupation and usual address: Company Secretary (retired), Widow of Walter Robert Dyer, Flour Salesman. Trewern Hall, Hengoed, Oswestry
Name and surname of informant: Frank Henry Williams
Qualification: Son-in-Law
Usual address: 33 Abbey Road, Llangollen, Clwyd
Cause of death: 1a) Cerebro vascular accident
2) Dementia
Certified by P. S. L. Barling M.B.
I certify that the particulars given by me above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief: F. H. Williams Signature of informant
Date of registration: Tenth September 1990
Signature of registrar: Doris M. Pearson Registrar

CERTIFIED to be a true copy of an entry in the certified copy of a register of Births or Deaths in the District above mentioned. Given at the GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE, under the Seal of the said Office on: 2nd March 2005
Family Records Centre, 1 Myddleton Street, LONDON, EC1R 1UW. Tel: 020 8392 5300.

Source: Death Certificate, 17 Rosefield Street, Leamington June 2014 (4)

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