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Family of Robert Dring O'GRADY and Lucy Harrison COOPER

Husband: Robert Dring O'GRADY (1860-1901)
Wife: Lucy Harrison COOPER (1864-1948)
Children: Hubert Dring O'GRADY (1887-1930)
Gerald Charles O'GRADY (1888-1965)
Fleta Alma Kniest O'GRADY (1890-1930)
Standish De Courcey O'GRADY (1891-1960)
Aileen Rose O'GRADY (1895-1980)
Marriage 1886 Perth, Western Australia1

Husband: Robert Dring O'GRADY

Name: Robert Dring O'GRADY1
Sex: Male
Father: Robert O'GRADY ( - )
Mother: Eliza HOBSON ( - )
Birth 19 Aug 1860 Ireland1
Death 7 May 1901 (age 40) Onslow, Western Australia1

Wife: Lucy Harrison COOPER

Name: Lucy Harrison COOPER1
Sex: Female
Father: Charles George Harvey COOPER (1827-1886)
Mother: Sarah Catherine WALDECK (1837-1923)
Birth 1864 Perth, Western Australia1
Death 22 Aug 1948 (age 83-84) Claremont, Western Australia1

Child 1: Hubert Dring O'GRADY

Name: Hubert Dring O'GRADY1
Sex: Male
Birth 1887 Perth, Western Australia
Death 1930 (age 42-43)

Child 2: Gerald Charles O'GRADY

Name: Gerald Charles O'GRADY1
Sex: Male
Birth 1888
Death 13 Apr 1965 (age 76-77) Mt Hawthorn, Western Australia

Child 3: Fleta Alma Kniest O'GRADY

Name: Fleta Alma Kniest O'GRADY1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Leslie Illingworth BURRIDGE (1884-1956)
Birth 1890 Robe River, Western Australia, Australia
Death 29 Oct 1930 (age 39-40) Mt Lawley, Western Australia

Child 4: Standish De Courcey O'GRADY

Name: Standish De Courcey O'GRADY1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Constance HAYWOOD ( -1963)
Birth 1891 Robe River, Western Australia
Death 4 Nov 1960 (age 68-69) Kalamunda, Western Australia

Child 5: Aileen Rose O'GRADY

Name: Aileen Rose O'GRADY1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Stanley Norman ALLAN (c. 1902-1966)
Birth 1895 Perth, Western Australia
Death 20 Jan 1980 (age 84-85) Claremont, Western Australia1

Note on Wife: Lucy Harrison COOPER

Newspaper cutting in possession of Ainslie Sharpe.






Erivilla, Kalaminda, was recently the scene of a very happy party, when between 50 and 60 of Mrs. R. D. O'Grady's relatives and oldest friends journeyed from Claremont and surrounding districts to celebrate her 70th birthday. Many congratulatory letters and telegrams were also received from various parts of the State. Mrs. O'Grady received her guests wearing a black lace and georgette frock, and carried a lovely bouquet of red and cream roses. High tea was served on the verandahs and in the dining room, the latter being profusely decorated with dahlias and roses. A large two-tiered birthday cake, surrounded by 70 candles, stood in the centre of the room. The Rev. H. J. Morrell (cousin of Mrs. O'Grady), on behalf of all present, extended the happiest of birthday wishes to Mrs. O'Grady and called on her to light the 70 candles surrounding the cake. These were shortly after extinguished by her eldest surviving son (Mr. Gerald O'Grady). Mr Ashley Cooper gave reminiscences of the girlhood days of his sister and returned thanks on her behalf. Music, song and stories added to the pleasure of the proceedings.

Mrs. R. D. O'Grady will be remembered by pioneers of the Murchison and North-West nearly 50 years ago, travelling to and fro with her husband under primitive conditions. Mrs. O'Grady lived for many years on her station home on the Ashburton till her husband died in 1901. She then went to Claremont and lived there amongst her own family till a few years ago, when she took up residence at Kalamunda.


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