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Family of Arthur Dundas HICKS and Rose Fredericka COOPER

Husband: Arthur Dundas HICKS ( - )
Wife: Rose Fredericka COOPER (1868-1954)
Children: Ella Wilhemina HICKS (1894-1963)
Arthur Gerald Clifford HICKS (1896-1974)
Enid Victoria Rose HICKS (1897-1938)
Harvey Murchison HICKS (1900-1964)
Marriage 9 Apr 1893 Wesley Church, Perth, Western Australia1

Husband: Arthur Dundas HICKS


Arthur Dundas HICKS


Arthur Dundas HICKS

Name: Arthur Dundas HICKS1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Rose Fredericka COOPER

Name: Rose Fredericka COOPER1
Sex: Female
Father: Charles George Harvey COOPER (1827-1886)
Mother: Sarah Catherine WALDECK (1837-1923)
Birth 1868 Perth, Western Australia1
Death 13 Aug 1954 (age 85-86) in Serpentine, Western Australia

Child 1: Ella Wilhemina HICKS


Ella Wilhemina HICKS


Ella Wilhemina HICKS


Spouse: Eric Arnold HIRST


Spouse: Eric Arnold HIRST

Name: Ella Wilhemina HICKS1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Eric Arnold HIRST (1896-1976)
Birth 23 Jan 1894 Perth, Western Australia
Death 5 Aug 1963 (age 69) Scarborough, Western Australia

Child 2: Arthur Gerald Clifford HICKS

Name: Arthur Gerald Clifford HICKS1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Iris Euritta PALMER (1900-1951)
Birth 1896 Dundas, Western Australia
Death 27 Jul 1974 (age 77-78) Mt Claremont, Western Australia

Child 3: Enid Victoria Rose HICKS

Name: Enid Victoria Rose HICKS1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Aubrey Robert HUGHES ( -1968)
Birth 1897 Norseman, Western Australia
Death 28 Mar 1938 (age 40-41) Victoria Park, Western Australia

Child 4: Harvey Murchison HICKS

Name: Harvey Murchison HICKS1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Grace Lindsay LESLIE (1903-1998)
Birth 1900 Cue, Western Australia
Death 14 Sep 1964 (age 63-64) Serpentine, Western Australia1

Note on Wife: Rose Fredericka COOPER (1)

Newspaper cutting in possession of Ainslie Sharpe.


Illustrated Inquirer 12/4/1893




There was a very pretty wedding in Wesley Church, Perth, when Arthur Hicks, J.P., one of our prominent Nor'West settlers, was united in the bonds of matrimony with Miss Rose Cooper, the youngest daughter of Mrs. Cooper, of Russell-square. The ceremony was performed by the Rev.W.A. Potts, who, with some of the guests, had taken his position in the chancel previous to my arrival. Mr. Arthur Taylor, the talented organist of the Wesley choir, was entertaining the large group of visitors with some interesting airs from Mendelssohn's Wedding March preparatory to the arrival of the bride, who was announced punctually at a quarter past three o'clock. Miss Cooper was accompanied by her brother-in-law, Mr. R. D. O'Grady, J.P., another prominent Nor'West squatter, with a retinue of four bridesmaids - Miss May Waldeck, Miss Nena Waldeck (cousins of the bride), Miss Linda Hicks (sister of thye bridegroom) and Miss Randell, the quartette being very handsomely attired - the Misses Waldeck in Russian blouses of white corded silk with hats to match, trimmed with white feathers, the dresses of Miss Hicks and Miss Randell being of white cashmere with zouave bodices and white hats. The bride, who looked exquisitely charming, was attired in a dress of grey crépon, profusely trimmed with white ribbon, her hat being a light grey trimmed with white feathers en suite this appropriate display of colour being suitably added to by a beautiful bouquet of maidenhair ferns and white roses. The rendering of the Wedding March by the organist, having proclaimed the conclusion of the ceremony, those in attendance at the Church comprising a party of about 20 guests, drove off to the residence of the bride's mother, where a sumptuous spread was provided and the usual toast list for such pleasurable occasions disposed of.

Among the guests I noticed: Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Waldeck, the Rev. W. A. and Mrs. Potts, Mr. and Mrs. Fuchs, Mr. and Mrs. H. Stirling, Mrs. Leach, Mr. J. Mackenzie, Mr. T. H. Cooper, Mr. Gawler and Mr. Harry King, who filled the position of best man, and responded in felicitous terms, to the toast of "The Bridesmaids."

Shortly after four o'clock, followed by quite aq cavalcade of carriages, Mr. and Mrs. Hicks left for Guildford, for their honeymoon, which it is hoped may be of everlasting duration. The presents that were forwarded to the happy pair were of a unique and valuable character, and go to show how highly both bride and bridegroom are appreciated by their large circle of friends.

The list is as follows:-

Diamond Bracelet, Sewing Machine, and silver Serviette Rings - From the Bridegroom.

Cheque - Mr. T.H. Cooper

Bread Fork (E.P.) - Mr. A. Cooper

Custard Glasses - Master A. Cooper

E.P. Breakfast Cruet - Mrs. Waldeck

Cushion with Hand & Glove Sachet and Silver Specimen Glass - Misses Waldeck

Cheque - Mrs. Maley

Cheque - Mr. R. D. O'Grady

Water Jug and Tumblers - Miss Hicks

E.P.B. Cruet - Mr. and Mrs.H. Stirling

Morocco Leather Dressing Bag - Mr. and Mrs. Fuchs

Flower Stand and Slippers - Misses Fuchs

Set of Dinner Knives, Forks and Spoons - Mr. and Mrs. David Forrest

Fruit Spoons - Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Harwood

Set of Carvers - Mr. Harry King

Dinner Gong - Mr. Gawler

Afternoon Tea, Spoons and Sugar Tongs - Mr. and Mrs. C. Y. Dean

Breakfast Cruet - Mr. John MacKenzie Onslow

Electro tea-pot and Carver-rest - Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Beasley

Set of Carvers - Mr. M. M. White

Electro-plated Coffee Urn - Mr. A. E. Birch Jnr.

Egg Cruet - Mrs. Osborne

Breakfast Cruet - Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Burt

Set Serviette Rings - Mr. and Mrs. J. Stewart

Plaque - Mr. and Mrs. Randell

Japanese Waiter - Miss Randell

Saltcellars and Case - Mr. and Mrs. H. Higham

Egg Cruet - Mr. F. Hicks

Side-saddle (elaborately finished) - Mr. Robert Smith

Butter Bowl - Mrs Leach

Fruit Knives and Forks - Messrs. W. Sandover & Co.

Note on Wife: Rose Fredericka COOPER (2)

Birth Reg No 11173/1868


Marriage Reg No 49/1898


Memorialised at Karrakatta Cemetery, Crematorium Rose Gardens Section WM Plot No 0031 next to husband


1Ainslie Sharpe, "|nformation supplied by Ainslie Sharpe".
Text From Source: |nformation supplied by Ainslie Sharpe (descendant of Charles George Harvey Cooper) of
Graham Hoadly.