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Family of Alfred George COOPER and Ida Emma POLLARD

Husband: Alfred George COOPER (1881-1939)
Wife: Ida Emma POLLARD ( - )
Children: Dorothy Lucy COOPER ( - )

Husband: Alfred George COOPER

Name: Alfred George COOPER1
Sex: Male
Father: Charles George Harvey COOPER (1827-1886)
Mother: Sarah Catherine WALDECK (1837-1923)
Birth 1881 Perth, Western Australia
Death 9 Dec 1939 (age 57-58) Pymble, New South Wales

Wife: Ida Emma POLLARD

Name: Ida Emma POLLARD1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 2: Dorothy Lucy COOPER

Name: Dorothy Lucy COOPER1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Percival Clarence MILLAR ( - )


1Ainslie Sharpe, "|nformation supplied by Ainslie Sharpe".
Text From Source: |nformation supplied by Ainslie Sharpe (descendant of Charles George Harvey Cooper) of
Graham Hoadly.