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Family of Edwin BOSTOCK and Edith Jane Fisher WOOLLEY

Husband: Edwin BOSTOCK (1864-1947)
Wife: Edith Jane Fisher WOOLLEY (1867-1959)
Children: Violet Edith BOSTOCK (1891-1961)
Humfrey Thomas BOSTOCK (1893-1929)
Guy Edwin BOSTOCK (1894-1916)
John Kenneth BOSTOCK (1895-1988)
Sophia Theodora Edith BOSTOCK (1900-1979)
Marriage 12 Aug 1890 Stafford1

Husband: Edwin BOSTOCK

Name: Edwin BOSTOCK
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 8 Jan 1864 Stafford
Occupation Shoe Manufacturer2
Death 21 Mar 1947 (age 83) Birmingham, Warwick2
General Hospital, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Burial 26 Mar 1947 Malvern Wells Cemetery, Worcs2
Probate 19 Jul 1947 London2
Will proved 19/7/1947 in London

Wife: Edith Jane Fisher WOOLLEY

Name: Edith Jane Fisher WOOLLEY1
Sex: Female
Father: William Francis WOOLLEY (1833- )
Mother: Harriet Ann FISHER (1841-1915)
Birth 4 Apr 1867 Stafford
Will 29 Apr 1947 (age 80)2
Will dated 29/4/1947
Death 11 May 1959 (age 92) Royton, Malvern Wells, Worcs3
Probate 10 Aug 1959 Llandaff, Wales2
Burial 1959 Malvern Wells cemetery, Worcs2

Child 1: Violet Edith BOSTOCK

Name: Violet Edith BOSTOCK1
Sex: Female
Birth 2 Dec 1891 Stafford2
Death 21 Sep 1961 (age 69) Keswick, Cumbria2

Child 2: Humfrey Thomas BOSTOCK

Name: Humfrey Thomas BOSTOCK1
Sex: Male
Birth 10 Jan 1893 Stafford2
Occupation Captain 6th North Staffs Regiment2
Death 8 Apr 1929 (age 36) Camberwell, London2
Burial 1929 Castle Church Cemetery, Stafford2

Child 3: Guy Edwin BOSTOCK

Name: Guy Edwin BOSTOCK1
Sex: Male
Birth 7 Feb 1894 Stafford2
Occupation Captain, "A" Company, 8th Royal Munster Fusiliers2
Death 30 Jan 1916 (age 21) Loos, France2
Cause: Killed in action on 30/1/1916 at Loos
Burial Mazingarbe Cemetery, N France2

Child 4: John Kenneth BOSTOCK

Name: John Kenneth BOSTOCK1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Judith Newton RUTTER-SMITH (1900-1975)
Birth 26 Sep 1895 Stafford1
Occupation Doctor2
Death 6 Mar 1988 (age 92) Buckingham1

Child 5: Sophia Theodora Edith BOSTOCK

Name: Sophia Theodora Edith BOSTOCK1
Sex: Female
Spouse: John BURNS-THOMSON ( - )
Birth 27 Jan 1900 Stafford2
Occupation Physiotherapist2
Death 6 Jul 1979 (age 79) St Leonards, Sussex2

Note on Husband: Edwin BOSTOCK

1871 Census, Castle Church, Staffs, aged 7 2819.108

1881 Census, Tettenhall, Staffs, aged 17 2788.40

1891 Census, Stafford, aged 27, shoe manufacturer 2139.16

1901 Census, Castle Church, Stafford, aged 37, shoe manufacturer 2569.168


Educated at Oundle.

After retirement he lived at Great Heyward, Staffs, then Abberley, Worcs, and finally at Malvern Wells, Worcs2

Note on Wife: Edith Jane Fisher WOOLLEY

1891 Census, Stafford, aged 24 2139.16

1901 Census, Castle Church, Stafford, aged 332


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