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Family of William Henry THURSTON and Edna Jean TRELEASE

Husband: William Henry THURSTON (1910-2000)
Wife: Edna Jean TRELEASE (1913-1972)
Marriage 9 Sep 1938 San Diego, California, USA1

Husband: William Henry THURSTON

Name: William Henry THURSTON1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 12 Nov 1910 Toston, Montana, USA1
Death 2000 (age 89-90) California, USA1

Wife: Edna Jean TRELEASE


Edna Jean TRELEASE, 1963, age 50



Name: Edna Jean TRELEASE
Sex: Female
Father: Alexander Thomas Hoadly TRELEASE (1883-1959)
Mother: Olive Caroline WEST (1882-1961)
Birth 25 Dec 1913 Pueblo, Colorado, USA1
Death 18 Jul 1972 (age 58) Seal Beach, Orange County, California, USA1

Note on Wife: Edna Jean TRELEASE - shared note

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Social Security Number: 550-665-040


1Suzanne Trelease, Email to Suzanne Trelease to Graham Hoadly.
Text From Source: Email from Suzanne Trelease of San Diego, California to Graham Hoadly
Graham Hoadly.