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Sophia Maria STILL (1835-1922)


Sophia Maria STILL


Sophia Maria STILL

Name: Sophia Maria STILL1
Sex: Female
Father: George STILL (1794-1869)
Mother: Mary Ann OSBORNE (1809?-1864)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 1835 Staplehurst, Kent1
Christening 27 Sep 1835 (age 0) Staplehurst Parish Church, Staplehurst, Kent1
Census 6 Jun 1841 (age 5) Staplehurst, Kent2
Bletchingly Farm, Staplehurst, Kent
Census 7 Apr 1861 (age 24) Staplehurst, Kent3
Bletchingly Farm "Farm House", Staplehurst, Kent
Census 2 Apr 1871 (age 34) Staplehurst, Kent4
Bletchingley Farm, Staplehurst, Kent
Occupation Living on interest on money [1871]:4
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 55) West Ham, Essex5
49 Gurney Road, West Ham, Essex
Death 16 May 1922 (age 86) Tunbridge Wells, Kent
20 Arundel Road
Kent & Sussex Courier 19 May 1922


STILL - on May 16th at 20 Arundel Road, Tunbridge Wells, Sophia Maria Still late of "Bletchingly" Staplehurst aged 86

Individual Note 1

1891 census says that Sophia was partially deaf from childhood6

Individual Note 2

Marion Tringham states:


I was christened at St Mary's Parish Church & my Aunt Sophy was my Godmother.


Our Father's sister Aunt Sophy would from time to time come & pay us a long visit - too long for poor Mama I am afraid. Her brother Tom had speculated with the money their Father had left her & unfortunately had lost it all. So this round of family visits was forced on her. She was very deaf & quite ten years older than Papa if not more. But we children did not mind her. I expect there was not really enough room for her. All the same I absolutely dreaded her coming. I knew what was sure to happen.7


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The Stills.

Your Father lived all his young days on the banks of one busy river - the Mersey & I your Mother on the banks of another - the Thames - Liverpool & Woolwich. So in a way we had the same kind of outlook - we were town-bred.
This account was sent as a word document to Graham Hoadly by Marion Maud's grandson, Roger Tringham. He had trancribed it from the original in the possesion of his cousin.

He writes:

My Grandmother wrote her account in about 1940, so there may be occasional lapses of memory.
Assessment: Primary evidence.
Graham Hoadly.