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Brenda ? ( - )

Name: Brenda ?1
Sex: Female
Father: ? ? ( - )
Mother: Beatrice WHITEHEAD ( - )

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1Rosemary Whitehead, "Info supplied by Rosemary Whitehead to Graham Hoadly".
Text From Source: Dear Graham
We're as certain as we can be that the wedding photo is of William and Harriet my father-in-law's parents. More than once he showed it to me and named a number of people, sorry to say I never wrote down who was who. Laurie, Richard's brother also remembers being told that the photo was of his grandparents wedding.The photo was also copied and sent to William Whitehead (JR), dad's half brother and to Violet's (dad's sister's) children asking if any of them had any idea who's wedding it was, all said William's and Harriet's.
I wonder what the reason was for them getting married at Epsom, I note from your letter that Rose (William's sister) also married at Epsom, then another brother Percy married there as well, maybe Stanley was yet another sibling to get married at the same place.
Your quite right when you say your great aunt Nelly certainly looks older than twelve, after getting my magnifying glass out and giving the photo the once over the only girl who looks twelve would be number one. Personally I think Rose and Frederick look about the right age but agree with you that Catherine look's older is it because of her white hair? Her skin and neck aren't wrinkled which does tend to happen as we mature! (I only have to look in the mirror to check that statement ).
Which ever way is easiest for you to send us photo's would be fine, we did check with Gordon that it would be O.K. for them to be e.mailed.
As I've only been a Whitehead for 39 years HA! HA! Don't have many details of family. William and Harriet had four children Laurence was either the eldest or second child Violet came first or second Henry Harvey (my father-in-law) then Beatrice. William possibly wasn't married to a lady named Hetty when they had two children a daughter who died of diphtheria (I think) aged about six may have been named Doris or Dora and William who celebrated his 86th? Birthday 24th June. Hetty and William did eventually marry no idea when or where though.
William's profession at the time of my father-in-laws birth on 26th September 1910 was master glove cleaner. It's said he used to clean the kid gloves belonging to the royal family. Richard's father passed away on 7th June 1995 in Dandenong. William and Hetty lived at Laburnum Avenue which was either in Sutton or Carshalton. Can't remember when they died Hetty must have been between 1976-1978 William 1962-1965. As for dad's siblings Laurence died quite young he did marry and have children I think he may of lived in Sutton, Mitcham, Carshalton area.
Violet married lived at Rowan Drive Crowthorne she had three children Keith, Fred and Ann. Beatrice married had two daughters Brenda and Heather.When Bea died she was living at London road Mitcham. My father-in-law married Daisy Irene Dunston, have no idea when. They never divorced but separated after approx 20 years of marriage. Richard and I married at Reigate Registry office on 25th March 1967. We have two children both born at Redhill General Hospital, Russell Mark 2nd September 1973 his sister Rachel Louise 20th September 1975. My maiden name was Rosemary Ann Dungate I was 20 years old when I got hitched Richard George was 23 years old.
Hope this information may be of some use to you
Happy Hunting
Best wishes
Rosemary and Richard

P.S. Harriet Whitehead probably died in an institution would have been fairly close to Carshalton, Sutton, ect.
Graham Hoadly.