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Mary Ann EITOVEN (c. 1881-1882)

Name: Mary Ann EITOVEN1
Sex: Female
Father: George V EITOVEN (1842-1906)
Mother: Catherine DONOVAN ( -1907)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth c. 1881 Whitechapel, London1
Death 1882 (age 0-1) Whitechapel, London1


1"Email to Graham Hoadly from Gill Parker".
Text From Source: Hi Graham,

Well, the Eitoven's are a tricky bunch - I haven't yet worked out how Ann is related to me but I'm sure that she is as there is only one family of Eitoven's in England at that time.

I first found them in Lockington around 1700 and this is where my direct line originates as you will see from my tree.

Your Ann was John and Matilda Eitoven's daughter as I've already said. She was born on Jul 19th 1839 and baptised on Aug 18th 1839, both at Willington. I know she married Arthur Smith and I've traced the family through the census records. She had a brother called George born on Mar 6 1842 who moved to London, married a lady called Caroline Donovan and had 5 children. George died in 1906, Caroline in 1907. Their son George had a son also called George in 1908 and then the trail goes cold.

Ann's father was called John Eitoven and his mother was Mary Eitoven. John was baptised on Feb 19th 1809 in Lockington and he was buried on Dec 31st 1842 also in Lockington. No father mentioned although on his marriage cert to Matilda he stated that his father was John Barton but I don't know how true this is.

Anyway, to get back to the point, I haven't tied Mary (mother of John) back to the main family yet - she may be the daughter of William and Mary Eitoven baptised in 1777 in Stamford Baron St Martin - I believe William to be the son of John and Mary Eitoven who were my 6xg-grandparents but I don't know why he ended up in Northamptonshire yet.

There is also a Mary Eitoven who married James Winfield in Lockington in 1813 and was born around 1782 - she may be the same Mary as the mother of your John but again I can't find the proof - my gut feel is that these Marys are all the same person but I just can't find the link - so frustrating!!

So you see (if I haven't lost you with all the Marys, Johns and Georges) I'm sure we are connected but I haven't managed to prove all the links yet - any ideas will be gratefully received..

Graham Hoadly.