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Elizabeth EVANS (1848-1892)

Name: Elizabeth EVANS
Sex: Female
Father: William EVANS (1804-1851)
Mother: Jane OWEN (1807?-1875)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 1848 Ty Felin, Dolanog, Montgomeryshire
Census 30 Mar 1851 (age 2) Dolwar, Llanfiangel, Montgomeryshire1
Dolanog Mill, Dolwar, Llanfiangel, Montgomeryshire
Census 7 Apr 1861 (age 12) Dolwar, Llanfiangel, Montgomeryshire2
Dolanog Mill, Dolwar, Llanfiangel, Montgomeryshire
Occupation 7 Apr 1861 (age 12-13) Farmer's Daughter; Dolwar, Llanfiangel, Montgomeryshire2
Census 2 Apr 1871 (age 22) Dolanog, Llanfihangel Yn Ngwynfa, Montgomeryshire3
Dolanog Mill, Dolanog, Llanfihangel Yn Ngwynfa, Montgomeryshire
Occupation Milliner4
Death 23 Jul 1892 (age 43-44)
Burial 1892 Sardis Chapel Cemetery

Individual Note (shared)

Elizabeth never married.


1851 Census:



William, Jane and their daughters Jane, Catherine, Elizabeth, with Mary and Evan Jones, and their Grandaughter Mary (age 11 months) were all at the Mill Dolanog, along with five servants.


1861 Census:



Elizabeth now living at the Mill with her mother, her sisters, Mary and Catherine; her brother-in-law, Evan Jones, and his children, William, Margaret and Annie.


1871 - Elizabeth is listed at the Mill as a visitor


Memorial in Sardis Chapel Cemetery:


In memory of Jane Relict of William Evans of Dolanog Mill Who died March 7 1875 aged 68


"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints"


Also of Elizabeth daughter of the aforesaid William and Jane Evans who died July 23 1892 aged 44


In memory of William Evans Dolanog Mill who died june 18 1851 aged 47 years


also their son David Evans who died Decr 23 1848 aged 11 years


1"Census 1851 (William Evans) Dolwar, Llanfiangel, Montgomeryshire HO107/2499/233/3" (HO107/2499/233/3).
Text From Source: Name,Relation,Married?,Sex,Age,Occupation,Born,Infirmity
William EVANS,Head,Mar,M,49,Farmer & Miller,Llanfihangel, Montgomeryshire,
Jane EVANS,Wife,Mar,F,46,,Llangyniew, Montgomeryshire,
Jane EVANS,Daughter,Unm,F,11,,Llangyniew, Montgomeryshire,
Catherine EVANS,Daughter,Unm,F,7,,Llangyniew, Montgomeryshire,
Elizabeth EVANS,Daughter,Unm,F,2,,Llanfihangel, Montgomeryshire,
Evan JONES,Son in Law,Mar,M,24,Milliar,Manafon, Montgomeryshire,
Mary JONES,Daughter,Mar,F,20,Milliar's Wife,Llanfihangel, Montgomeryshire,
Mary JONES,Grand Daughter,Unm,F,11m,,Llanfihangel, Montgomeryshire,
Hugh HUGHES,Servant,Unm,M,23,,Llanyuchan, Montgomeryshire,
Richard LLOYD,Servant,Unm,M,22,,Llanfair, Montgomeryshire,
Edward JONES,Servant,Unm,M,19,,Llanfair, Montgomeryshire,
Robert WILLIAMS,Servant,Unm,M,12,,Llanfair, Montgomeryshire,
Edward LLOYD,Servant,Unm,M,15,,Llanfair, Montgomeryshire,

Source: Census 1851 (William Evans) Dolwar, Llanfiangel, Montgomeryshire HO107/2499/233/3, William Evans 51 2

2"Census 1861 (Jane Evans) Dolwar, Llanfiangel, Montgomeryshire RG9/4260/40/3" (RG9/4260/40/3).
Text From Source: Name,Relation,Married,Sex,Age,Occupation,Born,Infirmity
Jane EVANS,Head,Wid,F,54,Farmer Miller of 19 Acres,Llangyniew, Montgomeryshire,
Evan JONES,Son in law,Mar,M,36,Miller,Manafon, Montgomeryshire,
Mary JONES,Daughter,Mar,F,30,Miller's wife,Llangyniew, Montgomeryshire,
Catherine EVANS,Daughter,Unm,F,17,Farmer Daughter,Llangyniew, Montgomeryshire,
Elizabeth EVANS,Daughter,Unm,F,12,Farmer's Daughter,Llangyniew, Montgomeryshire,
William Evans JONES,Grandson,Unm,M,8,Miller's son,Llanfihangel, Montgomeryshire,
Margaret JONES,Grand daughter,Unm,F,5,Miller's Daughter,Llanfihangel, Montgomeryshire,
Ann JONES,Grand daughter,Unm,F,2,Miller's Daughter,Llanfihangel, Montgomeryshire,
John EVANS,Servant,Unm,M,16,Miller's Servant,Llanfihangel, Montgomeryshire,
Edward EVANS,Servant,Unm,M,14,Carrier,Llanfihangel, Montgomeryshire,

Source: Census 1861 (Jane Evans) Dolwar, Llanfiangel, Montgomeryshire RG9/4260/40/3, Evan Jones 61 2

3"Census 1871 (Evan Jones) Dolanog, Llanfihangel Yn Ngwynfa, Montgomeryshire RG10/5628/27/2".
Text From Source: Evan Jones Head of Family Mar 44 Montgomery Manafon
Mary Jones Wife Mar 40 Montgomery Llangyniew
William Jones Son Unm 18 Montgomery Llanfihangel
Anne Jones Daur 12 Montgomery Llanfihangel
Jane Evans Mother W 64 Montgomery Llangyniew
Elizabeth Evans Visitor Unm 22 Montgomery Llanfihangel
Edward Jones Serv 13 Montgomery Llangyniew
[Mill servant]
John Davies Serv 13 Montgomery Llangyniew
[Mill servant]]
Assessment: Primary evidence.

Source: Census 1871 (Evan Jones) Dolanog, Llanfihangel Yn Ngwynfa, Montgomeryshire RG10/5628/27/2, Evan and Mary Jones 71

41881 census entry.
Text From Source: 1881 census entry PRO Chancery Lane [Microfilm]