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Charles Deakin OWEN (1905-1991)


Charles Deakin OWEN


Charles Deakin OWEN


Charles Deakin OWEN


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Charles Deakin OWEN, 1949, age 43


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Charles Deakin OWEN, 1915, age 10

Name: Charles Deakin OWEN
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph OWEN (bef1874-bef1912)
Mother: Agnes Ann DEAKIN (1875-1941)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 16 Nov 1905 52 York Street, Oswestry, Shropshire1,2
Dec 1905 Oswestry 6a 653
Christening 14 Jan 1906 (age 0) St. Oswald's Church, Oswestry, Shropshire1
Occupation Accounts Officer for British Rail3
Census 2 Apr 1911 (age 5) Oswestry, Shropshire4
52 York St Oswestry, Shropshire
Death 2 Nov 1991 (age 85) Wexham Park Hospital, Slough3
Cause: 1a) Cardiorespiratory Arrest b) Ischaemic Heart Disease
Address: 12, Leslie Dunne House, Wolf Lane, Windsor, Berks

Individual Note 1

Death registered in Slough5

Individual Note 2

7 - 8 - 03 8 Gordon Road




Dear Mr Hoadly

Sorry to be rather "tardy" with my answer to your letter.

I finished 22 yrs in the Royal Navy, coming out a C.P.O. (Chief Petty Officer) in 1958. We moved here (with three children) from Torquay, Devon, the end of 1958.

I met Charles in the Freemasons Lodge in Windsor. Charles was very prominent in the Lodge.

We became friendly as we both had the Burma Star. I had been in action against the Japanese. Charles had been in the R.A.F. constructing advanced air-strips in Malaya. Unfortunately a returning plane, which they thought would be theirs, was in fact, Japanese, which dropped a bomb. The blast badly injured Charles's right leg. This left him with a badly withered leg. For the rest of his life he had to wear a strap and support in order to walk, aided by a stick.

At the time he lived in a block of council flats, 3 flights of steps up. A man was released from prison and was moved into the flat opposite Charles. This worried him (he was in his late seventies) he asked me to put stronger locks on his door, which I did. Luckily, soon after, he was offered a ground floor "sheltered" council flat. I helped him move and he settled in very well.

While at work I would collect him on a Saturday, we would enjoy a trip round about and call in a country pub for a pint. When I retired we would also go out during the week. Charles really enjoyed these little excursions.

Charles suffered three heart attacks. Together with his leg (due to bad circulation) getting progressively worse. I took him to hospital on the Tuesday for leg examination, and was told to bring him in for admittance the following Tues. I was with Charles when they took the bandages off his foot. His toes were black with gangrene. It was so painful he gripped my hand hard. I stayed with him until he was settled in bed. I visited twice a day and it was lovely to see him so pleased to be free of pain. He was very relaxed and sedated. The surgeon told me privately his condition would require an amputation, and I should prepare him for this. However, i just did not have the heart to do this. The following Saturday our phone rang at 6.45 am. I knew it was about Charles. He had had a heart attack and passed away. Mr Hoadly, I cannot express enough my relief at the news. Thank God Charles was spared the agony and trauma of amputation.

When I met Charles at the Masons, of course, he was retired. Before the War he worked in the GWR Accountancy Office at Paddington Station. When War was declared the office moved somewhere near Windsor. I met Charles's Niece once or twice, when she and her husband called to see him on their way to the coast. She was in a wheelchair, having had a stroke. I understand she married well, and had two sons.

Charles never married, due to his disability, and led rather a lonely life. I know he valued my friendship, as indeed I did his. My wife and I were very fond of Charles, and was very happy to help him in any way we could. You may be pleased to know many Lodge people came to his funeral. I am afraid I cannot tell you anything about his earlier life. We would be pleased to see you if you are in or near Windsor at any time.

Yours sincerely

R. J. Stone



Dear Mr Hoadly

As you can see by the signature, I have written the letter for Bob. His eyesight is very poor. Please put down to "Ageism" any mistakes and poor writing, we will be 83 and 86 years in Dec and Jan.!

I am sure our letter will interest you. Charles was a lovely chap, very independent until the end few months. We were able to take him to and from Hospital - and pop in a nearby pub for a snack and a drink after our visit! Bob was great with him, nothing too much trouble, a real friend.

We will always remember Charles with fondness and respect.

Yours sincerely

E. Stone (Mrs)


[In a telephone conversation with Graham Hoadly and Mr and Mrs Stone on Friday 8th August, Mr Stone mentioned that Charles had been an expert snooker player in his youth.

Mr Stone had met Charles's niece and noted that she was young to be in a wheelchair. He thought that her husband owned gravel pits (in Oswestry?) and supplied gravel to the local council for road mending and the like.

The niece could have been named "Una" - name rung a bell. Her two sons apparently never came to see Charles.

He made a will and made a legacy to the Burma Star Association - also left some money to Mr and Mrs Stone. It is not thought that his family were remembered in the will.6


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1) Date and place of death:
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2) Name and Surname: Charles Deakin Owen
3) Sex: Male
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16th November 1905 Oswestry, Shropshire
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